“Customer Satisfaction”, is the most commonly used phrase in business. At Kawartha Meats we will hold ourselves to a very high standard to give the customer what they demand without any bad surprises. We realize, however, that as in any business, when filling a demand, problems can and do arise. When issues occur, assigning blame does not solve the problem but prolong it.

We will work hard to deal with issues with only one goal in mind, solving it quickly and keeping your business running. When you work with Kawartha Meats, we don’t look at ourselves as simply your supplier but as your partner. If we do our part to help make your customers happy it only stands to reason that you will keep coming back. In any B2B relationship customer satisfaction is paramount by ensuring the entire supply chain succeeds.

When we talk about, “Customer Satisfaction”, not only do we refer to our customers having a good experience and receiving the service they expect but we mean a satisfaction of products we bring to market. Whether that be value added meat or new products for new markets.

If you have any concerns, any questions on any issues with our services or products please reach out to the owner direct, Arthur Schickedanz by emailing him at aschickedanz@kawarthameats.ca