For Kawartha Meats to not only succeed but expand in the Canadian animal protein market we have to build relationships with other members of the Food supply chain. Working together can greatly increase the chance to maximize profitability. We are all in this for the same reason and that is to succeed but sometime even though we compete against each other we can benefit by working together.

The various organizations whether Provincial, Local or Federal must share an open dialogue with the producers and processors to create an economic environment to help us succeed. Kawartha Meats will reach out to these organizations and other players in the market but we also rely on you reaching out to us.

Maintaining profitability in such a highly regulating industry is a unique challenge this is why I strongly believe in working closely with Government regulators where possible to help shape the industry in our favour without compromising the health and safe to the consumer. It would benefit us, the consumer and the Government. At Kawartha Meats Inc., as with others in the industry we must balance efficiency, profitability and sustainability to strengthen the Ontario meat producer’s interest.