“Sustainability”, has become a buzz word used in many markets around the world and very important to many consumers, the meat industry is particularly under attack. At Kawartha Meats we are committed to operating in a manner which truly following the ideologies of, “Sustainability”, and not the politics.

It is important to work with others in the industry to educate consumers of just how sustainable the Canadian agriculture community is. There are many misconceptions of how Canadian livestock farms and Meat processor operates. Together with experts and professionals we can present the facts and assure Canadians that we operate at the highest standards of health, safety and ethical handling of animals to bring fresh, healthy food to their tables.

The challenge we face as part of the food supply chain is providing an ever growing demand for animal protein while operating in a responsible manner. Keeping one eye on demands and trends and one eye on Agritech to take advantage of new processes to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining environmentally responsible practices.