We are very interested in working with any associations involved in the Meat Package industry, private or Government.

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Please contact Arthur Schickedanz about Partnerships and investment in Meat Packing and related industries.


The importance of Sustainability in today's society should not be underestimated.

Customer Satisfaction

The most commonly used phrase in business. At Kawartha Meats we will hold ourselves to a very high standard.

Beef, goat, Lamb and Sheep

Freezer Orders

We can prepare custom orders for freezers: Sides, Quarters, Hamburger Patties. Private label orders as well.

Wholesale Orders

Butcher shops, Restaurants, Caterers or Meat Packers.

Custom Orders

We can process your order anyway you want, sides, portioned and packed to your requirements.


Livestock Processing

Custom processing of your livestock. From Pen to processing, dressing and cooling meat, including Halal, (at our Little Britain plan).

OFFERING Abattoir and MEAT packing

Livestock Processing


Sheltered Paddock

Your livestock will be sheltered and feed until ready for processing. We can also provide outdoor grazing.


Full Processing

Once processed we can pull the hides or burn off the fur. We can then cool the meat for pickup or delivery.


Butcher Service

We can offer you full Butcher Service. Whether you need halves, quarters or custom cuts we can accommodate.


Reefer delivery

We offer refrigerated delivery to your location.