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Welcome to Kawartha Meats.

Welcome to Kawartha Meats Inc., a new meat processing and packing business in Ontario owed by Arthur Schickedanz while new to the Meat Packing industry he has been around cattle ranching most of his life and has owned and operated a cattle ranch for decades. As of 2019 Kawartha Meats became the newest abattoir in Ontario, operating from our newly renovated location in Little Britain Ontario in the heart of the Kawartha’s. Arthur believes so strongly in the Ontario Abattoir community that he decided to invest in this end of the market with the intention of growing and expanding into the Meat Package industry with the intention of building a new efficient and automated plant to process cattle.

He aspires to operate with the attention to detail and warmth of a small family business while keeping an eye on growth, expansion and more importantly, the profitability of a Factory Farm. By doing so bringing competitive rates to the cattle breeders to allow them to increase their profitable margins and building a strong partnership with our customers.

To those customers that have done business with the old Plant in the past he can assure you that we value your loyalty and will work even harder to gain your trust and continued patronage with our newly updated Plant.

To new potential customers please feel free to contact us to see how we can help your business, at our current Plant, whether you are interested in just having your livestock processed or looking for a new partner in related ventures. Let’s sit down and talk about any and all new potentials. The market is changing so rapidly that forming partnerships and relationships in the industry can greatly increase the chances of prospering and help shape our industry to our benefit.

As a cattle breeder for many years Arthur can assure you that he understands your concerns. He has assembled an expert team to service your needs and ensure your satisfaction. Mr. Schickendanz understands the challenges of balancing a love and respect for farming with profitability.  Contact the plant today to book your livestock or contact him directly  to discuss any concerns or business ventures.

Market News

Staying on top of Market news is paramount to planning forward strategy. The Meat Industry faces many challengers. We are stronger together.

Striving to be the best

At Kawartha Meats we are committed to being a leader in the Industry. Partnering with other leaders to face an ever changing market.

Industry Intergration

Looking to grow into related industries. Please reach out to us and see how we can work together to strengthen our position in the market. Contact Arthur Schickedanz.

Looking to explore new markets and new possibilities.

We are always looking for new revenue streams and positioning ourselves for any Market shifts. If you are interested in exploring partnerships to open new Markets please don’t hesitate to contact Arthur Schickedanz for a sit down. The Market is changing at a rapid pace and complimenting businesses can greatly benefit by working together.